by Eye the Realist

We are Eye the realist


Eye the Realist is a Melodic Post Pop-Punk group out of Long Beach, CA who came together from different musical projects from varying genres. Their variety of musical influences have given them a unique sound of their own, yet nostalgic to early 2000s emo alternative (Thrice, Armor for Sleep, Taking Back Sunday, Saosin, etc.)

The name Eye the Realist comes from seeing the world for how it really is, as opposed to how we'd like it to be in our minds or how we've been raised to see it. They believe in constantly developing change within yourself to stay real and true and they project that energy into Eye the Realist.

The group has been on multiple DIY tours during its 5 years of existence, reaching the east coast and back. They have gained noteable exposure by playing SXSW and Launch Music Conference/ Festival. After coming off the road from a full US tour, the band decided to lock themselves in their studio for the better part of almost 2 years. While each member was going through intense personal life experiences, the group came out with songs that expressed love, loss, depression, and much more. They then entered the studio once again with Jeff Sahyoun (The Audio Bakery) who produced their latest EP ‘Strains’ released April 6th 2018. From there they will continue touring in support of their album. The trio puts on a live show that most would call unexpected. Their high energy music along with epic harmonies and emotional delivery make for an unparalleled live experience.


Vocals, Guitar / Josie Randle
Bass, Vocals / Kris Beeks